Rio Vista Universal, Porchlight Entertainment Worldwide, Priscilla Presley To Develop ‘Almythea’ Film Series


Rio Vista UniversalPorchlight Entertainment Worldwide, and Priscilla Presley are developing a sci-fi film franchise from the Almythea book series, which set in an alternate universe with a range of characters and a detailed back story of a 1000 year war. The first fill focus on Almythea – Rise of Wingtar and Almythea – The Battle for our Souls, the first two books in the series by writer and creator A.J. Cootes.

Cinematographer Bruce Logan, who lensed Tron2001: A Space Odyssey, Batman Forever) has signed on to direct the introductory film. He’s known for his special effects work such as blowing up the death star on Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Steven A. Finly is adapting the screenplay.



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